Nook simple touch recover from bricked / unrooting / update to 1.1


This is a quick guide on how to update your nook to 1.1 together with restoring it to factory settings/unrooting it. It can be also used if you were trying to root you Nook Simple Touch and messed it up.

Files needed:
Clockwork image
Win32 Imager 

To begin with you will need Win32 Image Writter  to mount the recovery image onto your SD card. It is pretty straightforward, but sometimes Imager has problems with laptop card reader. To solve Error 5 or Error 8 in Win32 Image Writer I recommend using Panasonic SD Formatter to restore your SD card to original size if you were using it to root your Nook before. Be sure to check the format size adjustment option on.

Fixing Win32 Imager error 5 and Error 8

Select 128mb_clockwork-rc2.img and write it onto your Sd card

Win32 Imager

Than, copy to the root folder of your SD card so it looks like this

Afterwards, just follow the video to finish restoring your Nook to factory settings

  • Orangmarmalade

    You are the best person in the whole world! I was in the middle of a good book. Thank you:)

  • chromaticmeow

    hello, ive been trying for hours to fix my nook.. my #1 issue is that once i get clockwork image downloaded… i go to extract it and it says an error has occured. I’ve downloaded it a kabillion times and still nothing.. any advice?

    • Måł-khå ɧ Süÿdørörr

      hm, try redownloading clockwork from another mirror, or go to xda developers forums and try to ask for a solutin there

      • chromaticmeow

        thanks for responding. So i got the CWM to extract. and i used your guide above. the problem i am having with it is.. once i get to the watch the video part,. I dont really have that option because once i power up it just stays on the nook boot screen .. i think i maybe bricked it. it just loops the original boot screen . i dont think it got rooted. oh and i asked on xda.. no response yet.. sorry to bother you again

  • Lilycubs

    Thank you! You saved my NST. My first ATTEMPT AT ROOTING WAS ALMOST A DIASTER. After failing to root my brand new nook (after showing “rooted forever” just kept looping continuously on startup screen until battery died) I tried your instructions as above and apart from using winimage (as win32image writer kept giving errors.) it worked a treat. It helps seeing written step by step instructions especially for  people like me who are green to rooting.
    I eventually got NST to to shut down so I could load memory card by charging about 20 mins then hard pressing on/off button and it kind of froze. Now i’m scared to try and root again

  • Jayant Wade

    Thanks for this. It worked for me. But now glowlight is not working. How do I fix that? I tried to do factory reset couple of times. No use

  • Josh

    I get to the point where the ZIP begins installing.  Then it get stuck on “Installing update…” for, 15 minutes now?  Any suggestions?  

    • Josh

      Solved it by going through all the steps again, but selecting FULL (erase) instead of QUICK in SD Formatter.  

  • K3v1n

    Thank you, gracias and merci

  • Smithrc2

    Thanksfor the assistance! It worked for me!

  • David White


  • David White

    I followed the instructions and loaded the zip from the SD.
    then pulled the card and rebooted

    It lists:
    E: Can’t mount /cache/recovery/commandE: Can’t mount /cache/recovery/logE: Can’t open /cache/recovery/logE: Can’t mount /cache/recovery/last_logE: Can’t open /cache/recovery/last_log

    then it sets there and never does anything.

    I think i’m close but have no idea where to go from here.

    • Paperogonfio

      I’m having the same problem… how did you solve? Please help me… I’m gettin’ really mad over it!

  • Kevin Pierce

    There is much to appreciate and HATE about that video. Why not a simple list of steps like the rest of the instructions?

    • Måł-khå ɧ Süÿdørörr

      Because scroll the fuck down and read the bloody list or make your own video for your liking.

      • Kevin Pierce

        to appreciate: The steps
        to HATE: the music

        Which “bloody list” are you referring to?

  • Pipeyu

    Oh Men!! Thanks really!

  • Alberto

    thanks a lot for this post. it saved my brick… i mean my nook

  • Superpomme

    Lifesaver. I can’t thank you enough.

  • atlas23

    Worked perfectly on a brand new Nook that was stuck in startup. Thanks

  • Marlene Mariana I. O

    Thank you very much!! you’re the best person in earth, I was freaking out until I found your post, again thank you!!
    It totally works for me!! So happy I can use my nook.
    No more rooting for me!

  • Jon Park

    My Nook just stops on the reboot page, before it goes into the nook reboot page. Any ideas on how to fix it?

  • Jay

    Thanks so much, you saved a brand new NST from becoming an expensive paperweight after a messed up root.

  • Jason H Kaiser

    Thank you–worked perfectly!